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Access Control Systems - Keypads

Keypad entry systems offer a basic form of access control. The person wishing to pass through a door has to possess the correct access code to gain entry. A keypad is used in conjunction with an electric lock and on entering the correct code, the keypad will send a signal to the electric lock and the door will be unlocked for a programmable length of time.

Keypads can be supplied as stand alone devices or with a separate control unit. Take a moment to see the difference between the 2 styles -

Where a keypad is stand alone, this means that all of the electronics to control the door are stored within the keypad making it compact but vulnerable. Ideally a stand alone keypad would be installed indoors or in an area where there is little or no chance of vandalism as removing the keypad housing would expose the cabling that will release the door.

Where a keypad is supplied with a separate control unit, this means that the keypads electronics that control the door are stored in a control box away from the keypad, usually indoors. Ideally this keypad is used externally and in areas where vandalism would pose a threat as removing the keypad from the wall and exposing its cabling would not release the door.

Keypads come in all shapes and sizes, they are loaded with various features that help manage a particular installation. Please take a look at the features of the keypads below -

This Bewator keypad is a stand alone unit with 2 access codes. The keypad can be either surface or flush mounted and is suitable for internal and external use. The keypad has separate inputs for an exit button, door monitoring (where status of the door is linked to an output in case the door is forced open) and a time clock (where the access codes are only enabled during certain hours of the day. The keypad is robust and supplied in a zinc alloy casing.
This Paxton keypad can be supplied stand alone or with a separate control unit. The keypad has 50 separate access codes. The keypad is surface mounted although its low profile (19mm) give the impression of a flush mounted unit. It is suitable for internal and external use. The keypad, when supplied with a control unit, has separate inputs for an exit button, door monitoring, tamper (where the keypad is linked to an output if it is removed from the wall) and a second keypad (where a keypad entry is required for entry and exit). The keypad is robust, manufactured from stainless steel and has an external IP rating.

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