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Mechanical Digital Locks

Codelock 200 Series

Push button mechanical locks, ideal for restricting access for low usage doors i.e. stock cupboards, staff toilets, your office... the list goes on. Four standard functions to choose from to suit specific requirements.

Fully mechanical
Easy to fit, with all parts and fixings included
5 functions in 2 PVD finishes
Suitable for internal and external use
Code can be changed quickly, as required
Over 8,000 codes to choose from







Lockey Super 8 Series

The Lockey Super 8 series of digital locks are designed to be used in medium to heavy duty applications where a robust lock is required. The locks are available with either a knob or lever handle operation and have a unique internal tumbler mechanism that will allow you to use any number in the combination twice (e.g. C1122).

  • For medium to heavy duty usage
  • Eight large easy press buttons (C to clear)
  • Additional code tumblers allowing you to use digits twice i.e. C2244
  • Non handed
  • Optional hold back facility
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Over 6000 code groups
  • Easy code change
  • Complete kit supplied (no additional parts needed)

Variations of the lock available include -

  • Mortice latch with optional latch holdback function
  • Reversible non handed lever handle or knob operation
  • Magnetic latch bolt which eliminates wear and tear on latches





Back-To-Back Codelock's For Gates

These locks provide keypad access from both sides of a gate to enable coded access for both entry and exit.

These locks are ideal for mounting onto either metal or wooden gates and the back-to-back keypad offers security from both sides even where there are instances where someone could slip their hand through the gate to gain access from the inside of the lock.

The lock is also available with a key override variant allowing key access from one side of the lock.

Features of this range include -

  • - Authorised entry and exit
  • - Suitable for exterior gates
  • - Mortise latch bolt with '60 or 70mm back set'
  • - Anti thrust pin to avoid forced entry from the side of the latch
  • - Mortise deadbolt option with stainless steel core shaft with '60mm back set'
  • - Option of key bypass (on 1 side only)
  • - Satin Chrome or Brass finishes available



Heavy Duty Mechanical Digital Locks

These locks are designed to be utilised in environments where high use and robust build quality are required.

The durability of this range of locks makes them ideal for use in areas such as

  • Workshops
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial Environment
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Areas requiring heavier duty and high security locking

The features of this range include - -

  • Keypad With 14 press buttons (C button to clear) top left button used to set passage function
  • Over 6,500 code groups
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Easy code change
  • Complete kit supplied (no additional parts needed)

The lock uses a mortise magnetic latch bolt (the magnetic latch bolt eliminates wear & tear on a standard latch head, as it only throws out when aligned with the strike plate) and can be supplied with either lever handles or large knobs for operation. There is also an option of Keypad on both sides which is suitable for external gates.

Unican 7000 Series

Light Commercial & Residential Lock
All Metal Cast Front
Forceproof Clutch Thumbturn
Optional Manual Deadbolt or Auto Deadlocking Latch
Optional Deadlocking Rim Night-latch
Backset 60 or 70mm (2 3/8" or 2 ¾")
35 to 57mm (1 3/8" to 2 ¼") Door Thickness
Non Handed
Satin Chrome and Bright Brass (Not 7006)
Optional Powder Paints
Simple On Door Code Change

Unican 1000 Series

Heavy Duty - Ansi 156.2 Grade 1
3 Hour UL/ULC Fire Rating ("A" Label Doors)
High Usage
Optional Passage set
Optional Key Override
Deadlocking Cylinder Latch
Knob Handle
Non-Handed Field Reversible
70mm (2 ¾") Backset
35 to 57mm (1 3/8" to 2 ¼") Door Thickness
Satin or Bright Chrome and Brass finishes
Simple On Door Code Change

Below is a selection of digital lock variations available. As you can see the range of digital locks available combined with the different finishes that they can be supplied in make our range outstanding. Please feel free to contact SLS Contracts and discuss your particular requirements with our helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Antique Brass & Satin Chrome Finishes

Standard Model With Key Bypass

Mini Digital Locks

KeySafe Digital Locks

Digital Locks With Rim Nightlatch


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