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Key Cylinders & Master Key Systems

In addition to providing quality and secure locks and latches, SLS can also offer a range of cylinders to offer levels of security to compliment and control key security in your building.

Various levels of key control can be offered from simple unregistered keys supplied off-the-shelf with standard cylinders to complex master key systems where keys cannot be cut without authority.

SLS is an approved ASSA dealer and as such we can offer a world renown range of key systems. ASSA is an important product in the specification market and conforms to many required standards that will guarantee the quality of the product being used. Click on the ASSA logo to be taken directly to the ASSA UK website.

Listed below is a glossary of terms used when supplying cylinders and keys which you may find helpful in your requirement -

To Differ - This is a system where when a set of cylinders and keys are supplied, all of the keys are dedicated to the particular cylinder that they were supplied with. A example would be your own house or road, you would expect that no one in your own road would have the same keys to gain access to your house as they would to their own.

Keyed Alike - This is a system where when a set of cylinders and keys are supplied, all of the cylinders share the same key. An example would be a school where all classroom doors would be operated using the same key.

Common Key - This is a system particularly well used in flats and apartments. All of the apartments within the building have keys that differ from each other but a special cylinder is used on the entrance door into the building that allows any key that has access to an apartment to open that entrance door.

Master Keyed - This is a very common system used within offices, hotels, hospitals etc. All of the cylinders within the master key suite are to differ from each other but there is an overriding "Master Key" that will open all doors. This is as near to skeleton key as is available in the market. An example of this system would be a set offices that are let by the owner. Each set of offices has its own keys that differ from each company but the person letting the offices retains a master key to gain access to any of the buildings if required.

Grand Master Key Suite - This is a variation of a standard master key suite commonly used in hotels and various forms of accommodation. This adds another level to a master key suite and is best described using an example. In a hotel with 2 floors of bedrooms you may have cleaners that are dedicated to cleaning a certain floor. For security reasons you may not want the cleaners to be able to access rooms on a floor that they are not dedicated to. A master keyed suite can be issued to allow the cleaners to hold a master key that gives access to their floor and not the other floor. Although a master suite is created, a grand master key would be held by hotel management that allows access to all rooms on all floors.

Registered Keys - Using a registered key will increase the security of an key system. The basic principal is that a set of keys that are supplied are unique to the customer. They cannot be cut locally by a locksmith and authority is usually held by the customer in the form of a certificate to return to the original supplier of the key suite when extra keys are to be cut. The benefits are obvious, especially where security of keys is important, there is little that you can do to stop keys being passed onto other but you can restrict who can obtain copies or extra keys.

Reprogrammable Cylinders - A new concept in key and cylinder security. If a key is lost or stolen the cylinder can be reprogrammed using a special key that recodes the cylinder. This means that the lost or stolen key can no longer be used in the cylinder and a new key can instantly be issued. Click here or the link below to find out more information on this new range.

SLS are able to offer expert advice on all of these key systems and all of the above key systems can be mixed and matched to offer a tailor made solution for your building. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. Listed below are cylinders that can be offered in conjunction with our range of locks, latches and lever furniture, all are available with any of the systems listed above and they can be supplied in a variety of finishes to compliment your door furniture colour scheme.

Euro Profile Single Cylinder

Euro Profile Double Cylinder

Euro Profile Cylinder & Turn

Oval Profile Single Cylinder

Oval Profile Double Cylinder

Oval Profile Cylinder & Turn

Rim Nightlatch Cylinder

Mortise (Screw In) Cylinder


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