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Access Control & Door Entry Systems

Door entry, otherwise known as access control, is commonly the practice of controlling a door, or sets of doors, using a device designed to let authorised people pass through the door and to restrict the access of unauthorised people from that point of entry.

There are numerous forms of access control devices on the market. Commonly you will be faced with either a keypad, card reader or an intercom system. The system is then complemented by a form of electric locking on the door that is released on the correct activation of the system and also it is important to consider the inside of the door and how the person actually exits the building.

SLS Contracts have supplied a number of access control systems to our clients and we are able to offer friendly, knowledgeable and technical advice on which system would suit your application. We are also able to offer a "supply and fit" service on access control as we are the first to acknowledge that correct installation is the key to the successful and the prolonged service of the system.

As there is a lot to take in with access control, we have spilt this part of the website into several sections. Please click on the link below that best suits your requirement.

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