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Abloy Smartair Access Control

Abloy Security are proud to launch the Smartair range of access control and electric locking solutions.

Stylish good looks, wire free installation, smart card based operation and total flexibility sets Smartair apart as a robust, reliable and cost effective form of access control.

The Smartair system comprises of the following components -

  • Software Management Kit (including software CD, desktop card encoder, portable door programming device and 50 user cards.
  • As many Smartair escutcheon sets as there are doors to suit.
  • Standard wall readers where electric locking is required to control a door.
  • Connected online wall readers where the door still utlises electric locking and updates cards via a network connection

Proximity lockset's. or wall readers are installed onto as many doors as the system requires and using smart cards (Mifare) issued from a PC, access is either granted or denied at the door based on the information stored on the card.

As the user moves around the system, details are written back onto the Mifare smart card including the individual users audit trail and battery status of the lockset's. These details can then be passed back to the PC by either presenting the user card to the desktop reader or automatically as the user passes through a connected online door.

The Smartair lockset is an electronic lever set and is compatible with standard mortice locks and latches. Internal and external models are available, Smartair has almost limitless possibilities.

Each unit has its own battery power supply and the unit is fitted to the door without any need for external cables. When in situ, the unit is completely self contained and stands alone to the door.

Smartair can be installed to just a single door or as a large and flexible locking suite as sophisticated as your needs require. This allows the Smartair system to be used in basic access control applications, multi door systems or hotel and student accommodations. These are just a few examples of where Smartair can be used.

Smartair is a powerful system that offers access control to be considered in areas where previously it would have been difficult to use a system that required mains power and data cabling. As the units are stand alone, intelligent and battery powered, the system can be rolled out to any site offering more secured areas and greater site control.

A Smartair system is managed from a PC, giving you central control over the management of your door security. All doors are commissioned using a portable programming unit and this is also used to download audit events at the door. The software allows you to set up doors, users, create zones and time profiles and also edit user access rights.

The Smartair units offer built-in user tracking, audit trails, tracking and monitoring of door usage, full ‘master key’ planning capability and area zones.

The Smartair system utilizes Mifare "smart card" technology which allows the card issuing and changes in the user access rights to be written individually into each smartcard. Connected online "update" readers can be strategically placed around a site, these readers will automatically update user changes onto the card as it is used at the reader. These readers also pull back the audit trail of the user and details of the battery life in the lockset's.

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